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Working Smarter
Working Harder
Working Together

We strive to be the global leader in the VoIP Service Industry with personal service built on a passion for reliability and superior customer support.

We customize our products and services to suit each client and we develop new products all the time. We offer reliable, clear VoIP call quality at a price our customers are comfortable paying.

We specialize in US Dialer Termination and Origination (toll-free and DID) for Call Centers and we augment our offering with conversational and international VOIP services.

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How IPLink Can Help Your Business:

Worry-free compliance with all our VoIP services
Worry-free compliance with our cloud services
Always On Call 24/7 technical support
Our Commitment Of Reliability To You And YOur Company

A Different Approach

Premium support over the entire customer lifecycle and full control over how you do business with us.

We help you succeed with marketing support to drive demand, sales assistance to help you close deals, full-service migrations and 24/7 tech support with typical hold time of <60 seconds.

IPLink Telecom is built from the ground up to support any call environment and our network is optimized to handle an unlimited number of simultaneous calls and calls per second.

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