Welcome to IPlink

IPLink Telecom offers voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services to retail and wholesale clients through our technically superior global voice network. IPLink is a leading service provider terminating millions minutes each year to premium local and long-distance communications carriers. We offer Internet service providers and licensed carriers a variety of high-quality services, including voice engineering, network traffic management, and wholesale voice along with comprehensive back-office support options. IPLink’s experienced telecommunications team provides the essential technical and commercial expertise to establish superior quality service.
Our Services

Wholesale Dialer

IPLink Telecom specializes in providing outbound call services to call centers of all sizes.Call-Center

  • Switching infrastructure built and designed from the ground up to support high volume dialer traffic
  • No short duration charges or restrictions
  • No CPS caps
  • Complete U.S. domestic and select international dialer termination

Wholesale Voice Carrier Services

IPLink Telecom enables carriers to interconnect via our global network for the exchange of international phone calls. Our Carrier Service routes millions of minutes each year. IPLink’s Tier 1 interconnection partners allow us to establish a high-quality network of services all over the world. Our commitment to our customers is to provide flexible, high-quality, dependable and efficient interconnection services at the lowest possible rate. We provide:


  • Network Operations Center (NOC) support
  • Active route management
  • Access to selected top-tier carriers
  • Online pricing and statistics
  • Unmatched rates
  • Tier 1 standards


IPLink’s product architecture is highly scalable, enabling inbound and outbound call flows of secure top-tier quality. Whether you are an ISP, ASP, ESP, CLEC, ILEC, RBOC, traditional IXC or a prepaid calling provider we offer call completion to destinations around the world. Direct routes and interconnects empower our clients to reach emerging markets– thereby maximizing global presence. Features of our international services:black-woman-speaker

  • Pre-and post-payment options
  • Dedicated capacity
  • Points of Presence throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • Managed routing
  • Secure carrier class quality


IPLink Telecom’s provision of the highest voice quality at the lowest rates is made possible by our highly experienced, dedicated team. We provide complete program management along with a superior voice infrastructure. IPLink Telecom’s comprehensive voice knowledge base and scalable architecture can help grow your business– whether you are a small start-up or one of the biggest carriers. Our USA offering uses 100% IP network technology resulting in:

  • improved revenuestelecommunication-tower-7201
  • increased QOS
  • higher-quality ASR’s
  • direct routes to wireless carriers
  • industry-leading flexibility and pricing
  • increased redundancy